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What to Expect When Owning a Mister

Owning a mister is an idea a lot of people are starting to seriously consider. The hot summer can be difficult to deal with. A lot of people rely on air conditioners to keep themselves cool, but this can result in the electric bill skyrocketing to the heavens. This is why plenty of people have turned their attention to using a mist fan.

mist fan.Before people even get a mist fan it is important for them to find out which mist fan would be most suitable for their needs. A person does not just waltz into a store or go online and use a search engine and buy the first mist fan that they lay their eyes on. Buying the right mist fan involves serious deliberations. A long and serious decision making process.

Furthermore, before a person getting a mist fan, people really need to think about what to expect when getting one. A mister is like a pet in that it needs a certain degree of maintenance in order to keep it operational. Those who still have no clue better keep on reading if they want to learn more about what they can expect when they get their own mist fan.

Nozzles can plug up

One of the things potential mist fan system owners need to expect is that sometimes, the nozzles of a mist fan can get clogged up. See, mist fans are different from the typical electric fan because it uses mist to help cool the wind it blows. This is done through a process called evaporative cooling.

Water goes through the nozzle, mixes with the air, which then results in a much cooler breeze. Sometimes however, the nozzles can get clogged up by hard water. This issue however, is only true for mist fans that use a nozzle system.

Some mist fans actually use what is known as a centrifugal pressure system. The centrifugal pressure system has the advantage of never getting clogged. The downside to a mister that uses this sort of system is that it does not produce the same kind of mist as a nozzle system.

Nozzle system mist fans produce a fine quality mist while centrifugal mist fans produce dried mist.

Performance can vary depending on circumstances

Another important thing for mist fan owners to remember is that the performance of the mist fan is not constant. The performance is affected greatly by certain environmental factors.

Wind for example is a huge factor. The speed of the wind and its direction can have a huge impact on how well a mist fan does its job. Owners are highly advised to use positive pressure techniques in order to maximize mist fan performance. In simple words, mist fan owners are advised to use wind direction in order to improve the mist fan’s performance.

Another performance factor is the humidity of the environment. Mist fans are less effective in providing cool air in areas with high levels of humidity. Arid environments are locations where mist fan’s work best. This is because of the way evaporative cooling works.

Then there is also the water. Owners of mist fans that use a nozzle system better avoid hard water if they do not want those nozzles getting clogged.

What maintenance is involved with owning one?

There is not a lot of maintenance involved in owning a mist fan. There are only two things that owners need to do for maintenance.

First of all, the owner needs to clean the nozzles every now and then to avoid any sort of buildup. Second, the mister owner also needs to conduct a check-up for the pump at least once a year.

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