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Tips on Buying Ladies Golf Shoes

In the past, the game of golf had made an impression that it’s a man’s sport. Nowadays, it has become a game for ladies as well. Statistics show a continuing increase in the percentage of women who play golf, this is why many manufacturers have started to develop and design specially-made golf equipment and apparel for them. In earlier years, many lady golfers have to endure wearing uncomfortable golf shoes that were actually designed for men. Thankfully, top golf shoe companies like FootJoy, Nike, and Adidas, to name a few, have created comfortable golfing footwear that allows ladies to play golf with fashion and style.

Golf ShoesBuying ladies golf shoes is not like buying just any fashionable and stylish women’s shoes; the right golf footwear should provide foot support and comfort, aside from having the right aesthetic design. To make shopping easier, here are factors to consider in buying a good pair of shoes.

1.Fit and Comfort

Once your mind and energy are focused on the game, the external beauty of the shoes will no longer be a concern at all. Their intrinsic qualities and features though, will definitely be felt all throughout the game. This means that when you choose style and beauty over fit and comfort, you’re most likely to mess up the game because you will be distracted by the uncomfortable feeling of pain and strain. Wearing a pair of shoes that does not snugly fit and don’t provide good cushioning and support will most likely result to a painful and blistered foot. For this not to happen, make sure to try on as many shoes as possible until you find the perfect fit.

2.Traction and Balance

Traction is important, especially when hitting the golf ball. Playing golf requires good posture and stance, as well as steady feet and legs – a good pair of shoes helps a lot in achieving these. If the shoes don’t have good traction, there’s a chance for the player to slip when turning or twisting to hit the ball. It is therefore recommended to buy golf footwear that has rubber soft spikes for more traction. However, avoid buying shoes with hard or metal spikes because most golf clubs no longer allow them due to the damaging divots and holes such footwear creates on greens and fairways. If you find hard spiked shoes more appealing and comfortable, then it’s better to check on the policies of the golf club you want to play in.

3.Quality of Material Used

It is recommended to buy golf shoes that are made of microfiber leathers because these are more durable and flexible, and are therefore able to withstand the strain of walking, turning, twisting, and bending. It allows the feet to breathe, preventing your feet from becoming sweaty and smelly. Make sure that the outsoles and inserts are made of high quality materials that provide excellent cushioning. And, buy waterproof shoes because walking on wet grass and playing under the rain cannot be avoided. Buy shoes that offer a good warranty period.


High quality ladies golf shoes doesn’t come cheap, so you may need to spend a lot. If you really want to wear something that provides both comfort and style, then buy shoes that are offered by trusted brands like FootJoy, Nike, Adidas, Puma, and other top sporting companies. This is to make sure that your shoes will last for several years. Don’t settle for cheaply-priced products that need to be replaced after being worn a few times. Cheap shoes are also made using substandard materials and won’t be able to provide the comfort you need in playing golf.

So, where should you begin your search for the perfect pair? The answer is simple, “online.” There are lots of web-based shoe shops that never disappoint when it comes to quality and price.

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